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Different Perspectives to chosen topic

Main essay theme – How design is done differently in isolated areas.


Measuring РHow do cultural and geographic contexts influence the designs of festival posters? (in Great Britain maybe?

Discursive – Discuss the ways in which festival posters refect the culture of the area upon which they are focused.

Comparative – Traditional Themes in Isolated Areas: A comparative analysis of how the designs of festival posters reflect the contexts of their environment.

Argumentative –¬†Should more of an effort be made in graphic design when placed in isolated areas?


What are my interests as a creative practitioner?

I have an interest in advertising therefore understanding how people respond to images and design is important. It will be interesting to find out if advertising (in this case, festival advertising) should be carried out differently in isolated areas or treated the same as cities.


How are those interest reflected in my ideas for theoretical investigation?

My final major project involves me creating an advert for Hebridean Honey Vodka that would be aimed at people within the highlands. My selected topic will help me find out if there is a certain way in which the advert should be designed, should it keep a local traditional feel that blends into the culture or should I design it with the idea of displaying it to a large city, is there a difference in how people will view it?


What are my goals in writing an essay for this module?

I aim to try understand how people react to different design depending on culture and location.

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